Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sushi is good for me..

Look at this lovely Angus Steer.. .

Thanks to everyone who came to see me in Moore yesterday for the George Strait CD release..We had a great time. Afterwards, since it was just around the corner I decided to call in some 'gogo Sushi' to go! I had some sort of magical Sushi Roll that had 4 different types of fish in it! Soo good..soo good..I can't eat it without Ginger, I do love that Ginger..So yeah, the Sushi was amazing!

Last night I took the dog-babes out to their magical field to run, and much to my surprise, there were already dogs there! WHAT! 2 other people were there with their dogs..Do they not know that that is OUR place! We should just put a fence around all of it, and call it a dog park over there..its the perfect location and all green with tons of grass and foliage to the dogs to play in. Payslee leaps like a bunny in it because she is so tiny that the grass is bigger than she is!

Tonight I am going to Cattlemans to eat with Brandon, Amy & Lauren..Brandon & Amy are bringing two of the members of the "KC's KOOL KIDs KLUB" those being thier kids, Brady and Anderson..Anderson reminds me of a little wolf. He is always grabbing things and is like a little scavenger, and he also hits, which makes me laugh, so I will be happy to see them. I feel like Anderson and I have a bond because he was in Amy's Womb at the Oak Ridge Boys I'm pretty sure he's going to grow up to be an Oaks fan.. Here is a picture of them both..

Edy was on with us from Pets and People Look at this sweet girl who needs a forever home:

Available for Adoption:

6 Months

Spaniel Mix
Pet ID Number: C23892

How to adopt go to or call 350-PETS to ask about her..
All pets over 12 weeks are spayed or neutered.
We give a free spay/neuter certificate to those adopting kittens or puppies.
This sweetie came in with her part Chow mommy, Sheba, and many brothers and sisters. Sheba is the most wonderful dog, and is loved by everyone, and this puppy appears to be taking after her mommy completely! She is just adorable, and so very clean - she won't potty in her crate at all, or even in an excercise pen. She will use the papers in the room she is in, or she will potty if we take her out to play. Housebreaking should be a snap - oh, if only they were all this easy!


  1. Look at them!! I am so proud. Look how far you've come!
    Oh, and that Angus steer is very cute too. This has to be my favorite blog in the history of of my boys and a dogs! I couldn't be happier! :)

  2. Well there was that pic of Cindy..the dog that needs a home, but she isn't mine, so technically that doesn't count..