Monday, August 24, 2009

A nice relaxing weekend..with thoughts of Otto..

So the most awkward thing happened on Friday morning.. For those of you who didn't hear me bragging about this..But James Otto let me have his cell number..Well I was too excited about that, because on my way home from the show, he texted me again to say how much he loved his magical bracelet that I gave him. See how cute he is posing with it! Then he wore it on stage, and told everyone he loved it, so that makes me jolly..

WEll anyway, back to my point.. So I have his phone number.. So on Friday I go to get gas and when I go to Pay I throw my cell phone into my car.. Well I guess my phone is also in love with James Otto because my PHONE DIALED HIM!! So when I got back into the car it had been connected for over a Minute!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I didn't even check to see if he was actually ON the phone, because I was scared, so I just hung up! What a tool I am! So I'm going to have to be careful with that little gem!

I did have so much fun though at the newface Showcase.. Thanks to everyone who has been sending emails and calls about the show..We hope to do another one sometime, with not as many bands though..But still it was awesome! Let me just say that they Eli Young Band is HOT, and so is Justin Moore! Look for upcoming webisodes with both of those guys..

David Nail also did a great job, and I loved Caitlyn & Will.. truthfully, everyone did a helluva a job! And the crowd was great too, so thanks to everyone who came out.
Saturday I went to Dog Therapy Class..but this time I sent Sawyer..He did so good! He and Payslee both go for their certification on September 12. I think they will both pass. Or at least I hope they will!! Someone painted a picture of Sawyer.. I'll post it tomorrow.. Have a great day!

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