Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun Weekend with movies & Dogs.. and Blaine Larson

Sawyer is acting dead here..

Well on Friday Blaine Larson stopped by the studio to sing his new single "IT Did"..Here ya go:

He looks like he is 16 years old! But he's actually 23..

I had a great weekend. ON Friday night Lauren & I went to see 'District 9'..and I can honestly say it was one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen! It was just bizarre..I can't decide if it was bizarre in a good way, or a bad way, but it was worth seeing just because you will have never seen anything like it!

Then on Saturday I went to the 'Taste of OKC' and sampled some delicious foods..I tried Indian food for the first time, and it was VERY good. I really liked it. I think I shall have it again today. It was from Gopuram Taste of India at 4559 NW 23rd street. I think I had Tandoori Chicken, although I can't recall for was good either way!

After that Joel wanted us to go see where he worked at America's Pub. Its in bricktown. I hate parking in bricktown, and I hate even MORE trying to get TO bricktown when they are working on the broadway extension! We couldn't find an exit to get off on! However, Once we got there we had a good time..but I'll be honest, I do NOT understand the attire of people in clubs nowdays. I saw several scantily clad women wearing prom dresses.. IN A BAR. It was bizarre..they would bend over and "Woopsie' out would fall their buttocks.. Or lean over and "Woopsie" there goes their boobies! Is that whats popular now? Have I missed the boat on this magical fashion trend?? WHAT is HAPPENING! Speaking of Fashion Don't..I snapped a pic of this gentleman at the movies:

Have a great day!

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