Monday, August 10, 2009

Everybody loves Bacon..and Keith Urban gets Punked

WEll they do..

Hope you had a great weekend..busy busy for me..I had a ton of stuff on Saturday, and it was all funtimes. I was at Advanced Wireless in Norman, then Bob Howard in Edmond, then the Rodeo Opry. I was also supposed to take Payslee to therapy dog class, but it was at noon, and we didn't make it back in time.

Bill and I had an excellent time at the rodeo Opry! I took Payslee and she entertained the crowd in her gingham Pink dress and matching White Bow..She was pretty cute!! Everyone kept saying "I want to have her!"..but she's mine, and I could not ever part with my little biscuit girl! Bill played the drums for me when I sang "Just a Closer Walk With Thee" and then he went into "Wipeout" and it was awesome!! There's a VIDEO of it HERE.
I also sang "At Last" and thankfully didn't screw it up, so thats always a plus! We had a sold-out crowd, and they were a ton of fun too! Thanks to everyone who came out to see us. My friend Ellen Johnson came up, and Payslee was happy to see her..she was happy to see Pays because Payslee smelled like Cake! I have this amazing dog-spray that makes them smell like little mm mm!!

Friday night I went to see Julie & Julia with Amy..It was SOOOO GOOD! You must see it..I love Meryl Streep, and she was very good as Julia Child..It was a very cute, funny movie! Then on Sunday I watched "The Perfect Getaway"..It was a very suspensful movie about a couple hiking in Hawaii with 2 killers on the loose..However, it didn't scare me..Why? Because I would never go hiking! lol!! Then last night I watched "Obsessed" on Pay per view. Thats the movie with Beyonce in it about a psycho girl trying to steal away her husband..It was pretty good too..
Sawyer was being really cute yesterday..He kept doing cute stuff, so I kept snapping his picture..Although I do need to trim his ponytail a bit..He has so much more hair than Payslee! But it looks a bit out of control right now..They both need to go to the groomer. I'm going to try to take them in the next couple of weeks. Next Saturday I'm singing the National Anthem at the fairgrounds for the Barrel Racing Finals. Hope you had a great weekend!!
Oh, and here's the video of the Taylor Swift punking Keith Urban!

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