Thursday, August 13, 2009

I held a baby! Howdy Doody!

Yeah, so how bout that! I held a real, live baby yesterday.. Exciting right! Even more exciting that he didn't cry, and neither did I! And I didn't break him, or dislocate his arms or anything, which is what I'm always worried about..
I had a lovely dinnner last night with Amy, Brandon, Kelli, Lauren..We had a good time, except for that Lauren..You gotta watch her..She's kinda ghoulish.
I had some delicious Salmon and rice, and most everyone else had the steaks..It was all magical and good.
Can you believe we are ONE WEEK away from the Newface Showcase!! I know!!! Its almost OTTO-Time! I'm excited to see Justin Moore too and David Nail. I think its going to be a great show. Mom and a few of her friends are coming up too. It should be a night full of musical magic!
So I think I'm going to go start my 'sophomore' album today at Singers Choice Karaoke. Larry does a great job recording for me, so I think I'll go over today and try to lay a few tracks down..This album is going to be all gospel. The last one I just kinda threw together because it was a present for my mom, but I've picked out some nuggets for this one!..If I get any done I'll give you a sample..

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  1. I would like to say that I would like to hear you sing "In The Garden" which is my favorite gospel song! I too am proud of you for holding my baby- also I like that he got to keep his arms- that is such a bonus!