Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rollerblading Magic & Randy Houser

Well Yesterday all three of the dogs and I went Rollerblading. Payslee still likes to run the whole time. I also bought some Thank you cards yesterday to send out and one of them was that kind that plays music..The Dog Babes were weirded out by this:

We talked about this on the air this morning..Its Things you Should Never Wear past the age of 40. Here's the list: You may look half your age, but if you're over 40 there are certain things you should never wear -- no matter what. That's the word from fashion guru Tim Gunn, who serves as the mentor on the hit reality series "Project Runway" that premiered on Bravo in 2004.

If you're over 40, you should never wear:

Horizontal stripes
Jackets that hit at mid-thigh
Pleated pants
Double-breasted blazers
Capri-length pants
Low-rise jeans

Well For a week Lynny will be on Vacation, so Bill & I will try not to burn the station down. We watched a little bit of Jack Ingram on the Brooklyn Bridge this morning, He DID Set the record for the most radio interviews done in 24 hours. I believe he did 215 radio interviews in 24 hours! Blargh..that sounds like NO FUN. Can you imagine how many times he got asked the SAME questions! Ugh..Good on em' though for doing it..Randy Houser was on the show today. His song "Boots On" is now #3 on the charts, and it seems like only yesterday when he was in our conference room singing it:

I'll be singing at the Hinton Fair on Friday Night. I'm looking forward to the Homemade ice cream more than I am the singing! I still feel weird singing in front of people sometimes. I'm getting better about it though. Speaking of..I think I'm going into the studio tomorrow to try and record some more of my 2nd CD. I sang a bunch of the songs I'm putting on the CD at the Bradford Village assisted living center last week and they seemed to like all the songs, so hopefully thats a good sign! You all have a fabulous day!

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