Monday, August 31, 2009

What do Men Want?..I'm not the one to ask.. haha!

I had a fun weekend. I sang at the Hinton Fair on Friday night..and all was well until my grandma (who was holding Rally) let him get away and he went and jumped on another dog..Bad Rally! But the good news is that I didn't miss a beat from the stage! Its going to take more than that to knock off my rhythm! We had a great time at the fair..Lots of fun KKNG listeners, and my mom & dad, grandma, and Ellen all came up to watch, so we had fun!

Then Saturday mom and I went to an AKC dog show in Elk City. Mom was helping out with the "Obedience" portion of the show, and while we 'thought' at the time we were good trainers, and had well behaved dogs..we realized that we are idiots!! lol.. There were dogs there doing the most amazing things! So yeah, Me and Miss Payslee, and Sawyer have a lot of work to do! They take their therapy dog test On Sept. 12, so I hope they are ready to go by then, and pass the test! Sawyer could pass on He got his hair cut over the weekend and now he is even more handsome! My grandma Made Miss Payslee a dress and even though in this picture she looks less than enthusiastic (she was sleepy from all her farm play) she did look very cute in her dress.
We had a good day at Church yesterday and all is well. Lynn will be back on Wednesday. Today we talked about what men want, Vanilla Wafers, and dogs on the show..look for more weirdness from Bill & I tomorrow!

From Men's Health, "What's the most important physical trait a woman can possess?"

Pretty face: 39%
Sweet smile: 18%
Nice butt: 16%
Flat stomach: 8%
Forever-long legs: 5%
Large breasts: 4%
Beautiful hair: 3%
Other: 6%

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