Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Friday..I'm going to see District 9

Sawyer was being cute yesterday..
Tonight Lauren & I are going to see "District 9"..Jimmy Carter said it has 100% good reviews, which is a little scary..Usually if everyone LOVES it, I just kinda like it.. We'll see what happens.
We are also going to eat at this place called "Cafe 7" where everything is $7 no matter what..they have sandwiches, pizza, salads and pasta..Sounds delish! Its over on May by Quail Springs mall..I'll let you know how it goes.
Today Blaine Larson is stopping by the Studio. He's the guy that sang "How Do you Get that Lonely" and "The Best Man" a few years back. He's got a new song called "It Did" that I think is awesome! I'm excited to see him, even though he looks like he is 10 years old.. lol
Tomorrow I am singing the National Anthem at the Barrel Racing finals at the State Fair Grounds. I hate singing the National Anthem, because if you start off in the wrong key by the time you get to the end.. WOOPSIE..IT could end badly, so I'm nervous about that.. Speaking of Singing..I went back to see Larry at Singers Choice Karaoke in Crossroads mall yesterday to start working on some new songs for my next CD. I got 3 of them recorded, but I think I can only use two. Note to self: When recording a cd, its best to get NEW backup music, as opposed to the 1987 CASSETTE music!! So yeah, I'll have to get some new versions.
Saturday night I'm going to the "Taste of OKC" at the Cowboy hall of fame. I think it should be fun with tasty morsals and drinks! Have a great weekend!

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