Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funny Nurses Singing

These very talented singers are all Certified Registered Nurse >> Anesthetists>> (CRNA) in Minnesota and they can really sing. This is hilarious! They have a website too: www.Laryngospasms.com

Well yesterday I had every intention of going to the gym..Yeah, I didn't make it. Dang. However, I was 'vacation planning' so that kinda counts as exercise right? No, Probably not..But anyway, I finally convinced my parents to go to the Balloon Festival in Albaqerque New Mexico in October. Its a giant festival of hot air balloons. You can ride in them, and they have a 'glow' at night in which you see all the balloons come alive and go up into the air. I'm excited. IT goes on for 2 weeks, but we are going to go the last weekend, Oct 8 thru the 11th. It will be a short trip, but very fun.

So a lovely lady named Deb, who makes all of Payslee's doggie dress/harnesses (Deb's Doggie Dresses) decided to paint a pretty picture of my Sawyer...Look at what a great job she did!

She does them for other people too, so if you want a painting of your pooch just click on the link above and you'll see where you can get your own. She does a great job!

Today Jack Ingram was on the show. He's trying to break a guiness world record for doing the most radio interviews in 24 hours..We'll find out tomorrow if he did!

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