Friday, November 6, 2009

Are you KC Sheperd? Who wants to Know?

Happy Friday!

I took Payslee on a Therapy Visit yesterday to the Assisted living center in Edmond. She had a good time visiting. She was wearing her Polka Dot Dress and the little ladies love that! I loved the little lady that told me my skin looked like a 20 year olds!! Woo wee! Gotta love it! I was supposed to take Sawyer, but I chickened out. .lol.. I know, I know.. but I knew he would cry to play with the other dogs, so I'm hoping to teach him a little restraint before I take him..But he will get to go, I promise.
I'm going to try to go see that movie that Jimmy Carter was talking about. Its called "The Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw..He said it was really good, so I'm excited to go. Tonight I'll be at Taft High School for a broadcast with Channel 9 for the Football Game..Then tomorrow I'll be at the Quarterhorse Show from 2-4. I love seeing all those beautiful horses!
I am going to be on the Sunday Morning Gospel show with Lynn this Sunday Morning to talk about my CD. I finally finished it..Its called "KC Sheperd Gospel Greats" and its basically just my favorite Gospel Songs. I did two songs with my Dad, Kirby, and he did an awesome job. We sang "Amazing Grace" together and "Wish you Were Here" and then I put "I know Who Holds Tomorrow" on it, and thats a song I did for my Grandma Leona. It was her favorite, so that makes it special to me. Hope you all enjoy it..We have them here at the Radio station for $5 if you would like one..Have a great weekend!


  1. Are you the one that sings "Drinking From My Saucer Cause My Cup Has Overflown" on the Sunday morning show? Is this song on your Gospel Greats Cd and how do I get one? Thanks!


  2. Yes Pam, "Drinking from My Saucer" is on the Gospel greats CD. We have them here at the radio station, or I can send you one, and you can send back the money..whichever works easiest. Thanks!