Monday, November 9, 2009

Blue Suede Shoes for you.

Well hello.. Hope everyone had a good weekend..Mine was boring. I mean I had 'bits' of excitement, but overall..BORING. I did go and see the Movie "The Fourth Kind".. ITs about Alien Abudictions that 'supposedly' really happened in Nome, Alaska..but I think the PR company just made it all up, because we've never really heard anything about it before now.. but it was still pretty freaky. It was much better than Paranormal Activity! Its worth your money if you like Scary movies.

Other than that I just 'hung out'.. I took the dogs rollerblading, and to their field, and took my Halloween stuff down.. I didn't put up my Christmas stuff yet, but its on my to-do list..Lynn is thinking about switching to the LED lights this year, and I might too.. They are so bright! I did find the time to make this though:..see too much time on my hands.. lol..

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