Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday Deals

So this morning we talked about the place to find all the best Black Friday deals without having to leaf through all the circulars in the Newspaper.. Here's the website with all the info: BLACK FRIDAY DEALS It all in alphabetical order, and its very helpful!

Oh, and if you need something delish for your Thanksgiving Table go to www.cusackmeats.com I went yesterday and got myself the boneless Turkey Roast & Spiral ham!! MM MM!~

Seriously with the leaves..Are they ever going to go away..or blow away shall I say.. I see them each day.. hey hey hey.. Okay, enough with the rhyming..Anyway..(woops rhymed again).. They are all over my backyard, and for some reason the dog babes find them just facinating and fun to run and frolic about in, they chew on them, carry them into my house, get them in their hair..etc.. I'm pretty much tired of the leaves at this point..However, Sunday Payslee came into the house and I just had to take a picture of her..I call these, "Hannibal Lector Payslee Leaf Head"

She had them on her nose, in her hair, on her eyes! And it didn't seem to bother her! So yeah, I'll be glad when the leaves leave (get it)..haha.. My yard!

Watched Dancing with the Stars last night.. I still think the best Dancer is Mya, but I do hope Donny wins..He's just more fun than she is! They'll decide the winner tonight!!

By the Way if you haven't seen Paula Deen get hit in the face with a ham..Here's that..

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