Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bedlam, Turkey's, and Trees!

Well I broke down and just put up my Christmas stuff yesterday.. I know for some its too early, but I was about to Vaccum the house because the dogs kept dragging leaves into the I figured why not just go ahead and vaccum the leaves AND glittler, so thats what I did..Its not a big tree, but I manage to get as much possible glitter on it as I can! You can barely see the branches or the lights!!

I didn't hang the outside lights, or put up the outside decorations..My neighbor has already put up red lights outside, but hasn't turned them on yet, so I still have time..I'll probably do that next week.

This year I am going to BEDLAM for the first time in my life! Its in Norman, and I have no idea what to expect..So Yesterday I made a trip to the "Store Divided" and bought some excellent OSU gear..I hope the weather is nice, and its a good time..and I don't get punched in the face.. Those are
all nice Thanksgiving thoughts.. lol.. I've never

even been in the Norman Stadium, so this could be quite entertaining with me picking the wildest game ever to make my first appearance too!

I'm headed to the farm for Thanksgiving today..Then I think Mom wants to come back up here on Friday to do a little 'Black Friday' shopping..Not sure how much we will get done with all the crowds and such, but it will be fun. I'm taking the dog babes home to the farm, and Payslee will wear her Thanksgiving dress.. As I write this and read it back to myself, I realize that I have officially become 'That guy' that puts clothes on her dogs..Dang. Oh well..I can't help it if she's so cute that she needs a dress for every occasion!! Mom has invited a family from California over for Thanksgiving, and I'm not sure if my Crazy Grandma is going to be there or not..If she is, I'll try to get audio!!

I'm so very thankful for all my blessings that God gives me everyday.. And I'm thankful that people actually care enough about my life to read this blog thank you all for embracing me, and KKNG..We are always the most thankful for our amazing listeners that make us laugh everyday. Even Jimmy Ray Mohawk, and Tom who call us and tell us the most ridiculous stuff ever..We love that too! So thanks to all of you who help us do what we do everyday! Happy Thanksgiving, be safe!

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