Friday, November 20, 2009

Therapy Fun Friday

We had a therapy visit last night at The Fountains at Canterbury assisted living Center. Payslee went with two other dogs, Fudge, & Lilly..Fudge is a giant Chocolate Lab. His head is as big as Payslee's WHOLE BODY..Quite a size discrepency! The pic of them is soo cute! He's very sweet to her, and she tolerates him..Pays doesn't love hanging out with dogs bigger than she is, and when she is doing therapy work, she is on a mission to love on People, and thats pretty much it..We had a good time, not a whole lot of people, but she always enjoys visiting with anyone who will give her a little pet, or hug..

She also got a brand new dress in yesterday. Its her "Fall Leaves" dress, and this wonderful woman named Debbie hand makes them for her, and at such a good price! If you haven't seen her little dog dresses go to They are very reasonably priced, and she does SUCH a great job with them!! I already ordered Payslee's Christmas Dress!!

I didn't take Sawyer again..I know.. I know.. But I have been working with him about his crying when he can't play with other dogs, and he is getting better..I was trying to take pics of Payslee in her new dress, and Mr. Camera smiler hog kept jumping in the picture!!

This weekend I'm going to the movies..that I know for sure. I'm going to go see "The Blind Side" and "Precious"..I've been wanting to see them for weeks! I'm also sad about Oprah leaving, but excited that she will have her own Cable Channel..then I can watch.. All Oprah all the time!!

You all have a great weekend!!!

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