Thursday, November 12, 2009

CMA Funtimes

Well I ended up getting to watch all the CMA's last night. I was supposed to go to church, but Lauren & I went to eat half-price Sushi at Buddah Tao, and for some reason it took them an HOUR to make, so we missed it..So I went on home to watch the awards. Here's a few of my personal "Highlights" in no order..
1) Zac Brown Band
2) Lady A
3) Sugarland
4) Daughtry & Vince Gill
5) Miranda Lambert

I thought Brad & Carrie did a great job hosting, and over all I thought the show was really good. Some of the performances were a little 'off'..but such is life with a LIVE show. This morning we took a lot of calls from People that said the awards show wasn't "Country" last night, but I personally believe there is a place for everyone in Country music. I mean back when Ronnie Milsap, John Denver, and Conway Twitty were on the top 40 charts crossing over into Country people said that they were not "Country".. and When Willie wore his hair too long, or Waylon acted like an outlaw they weren't "Country"..So I think thats the beauty of "Country" music..It transforms, it migrates, and it changes..and the beauty is that ITS ALL GOOD! Why worry about who's too this, or too that, and just like the good music? Because there is a ton of great music out there to listen to, and the one thing I've always loved about Country music is how loyal the fans are, and how they embrace their memebers and stand behind them..So thats my soapbox for the day! Hope you enjoyed the awards show!

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