Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

So Today I have to go and get bloodwork done. Its a yearly thing, and they told me I have to fast 6-8 hours before..So I got up at 3:30 this morning and made myself a plate of Sausage and Eggs (thinking protein would keep me full for a longer amount of time)..but the downer to doing that, is that now I smell like Sausage and Eggs! Blargh!

Its like when you go into a really good place that serves Onion Burgers.. And man, you love that burger, while you are there...but then you leave and the rest of the day you smell like Onion burger!! Dang. The other dilemma is that I do NOT do well when People take blood from my body.. Even small amounts. The last time I had a blood test, the woman wanted to take two small vials of blood..Okay..sounds great.. NOPE. She quit after one, because my face had turned white and I was about to pass out! My blood likes to stay IN my body. I'm "That guy" that is forbidden to give blood at Blood drives because everytime I try It never works out..and then end up having to elevate my feet, put icepacks on the back of my neck, and try to keep me from passing out, or throwing up! So they kindly asked me NOT to come back to give blood.. lol.. Oh well.. AT least I tried!

Went walking yesterday with the dogs..It was a beautiful day. Today I think we'll rollerblade at Lake Hefner.. This morning we talked about How Sandwiches can cure what Ails you..Here's the Article:

*The Right Sandwich Can Solve All Your Problems!
Sandwiches aren't just for lunch anymore. In fact, a new study says a variety of the tasty concoctions are the cure for what ails you. "You can target particular problems with the right combination of ingredients," says Detroit dietician Marcia Grapley. "Whether you want to cut calories or stop a migraine, your choice of sandwich fixings can help achieve your goal while pleasing your taste buds." "But there is one rule you must follow -- no white bread. It's high in sugar and doesn't have the amount of fiber you find in other breads such as wheat, rye or pumpernickel."

**Grapley suggests tuna salad on rye with low-fat mayo and lettuce and tomato can decrease the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches. "Insomnia is not a problem most of us would think could be helped by a sandwich, but we'd be wrong," says Grapley. "In fact, a slice turkey and cream cheese is guaranteed to help you get the shut-eye you crave."

**If you suffer from a lack of energy and worry about bone density, pump up the volume with a roast beef and Swiss cheese on rye with mustard. The meat is high in protein while the cheese is filled with calcium -- a one, two punch that's hard to beat.
You can rev up your love life with a surefire combination of honey, figs, ricotta cheese and orange slices on wheat bread.

**Watching your weight and cholesterol levels? Slap together a tasty broiled veggie burger topped with salsa. "One of my favorite combinations for people who want to up their potassium intake is an avocado and roast chicken sandwich," says Grapley. "Chicken is also chocked full of niacin, which boosts your metabolism.

**Researchers discovered another winning sandwich is sliced apple and peanut butter. Down one of these before you work out. You can even eat your way out of a hangover by eating a toasted chocolate and banana sandwich.

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