Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Fun for you..

If you are in the market for some Cyber Monday deals..Here's the website that tells you everything that is going on.. Cyber I did get brave on Friday and go out..I didn't go a TON of places. I hit Bath & Body works, the Bookstore, Old Navy, & Petsmart..Petsmart had some amazing little Christmas goodies for the shih-tzu biscuits.. They had all their Christmas toys 1/2 off, and pet beds for $7, so I got a bunch of stuff for the babies, and for mom's dogs too..

We had a great Thanksgiving..My crazy grandma wasn't that crazy this year, and thats good because we were all on our best behavior since we had some 'strangers' over.. We had a family over that has not lived in OK very long, so we invited them over. We all had a good time..Sawyer played with his favorite friend, Izzy..and Payslee enjoyed just exploring around the farm. I'm always paranoid that a coyote is going to come into the yard and steal her away!! I'm so ridiculous..

Well I made the mistake of Going to Bedlam on Saturday.. It was fun, but I sure wish My Cowboys would have showed up to play..because I didn't see any of them there! I saw Pistol Pete's rosy cheeks, and thats about it..How embarrassing.. At least they are going to a bowl game!! Blargh.. I had fun at the game though..just not WATCHING the game.
Well I think the babes and I are going to have "Christmas Pictures" taken on Saturday at Northpark Mall..I'll let you know how it goes..

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