Thursday, November 5, 2009

Breakup Song Thursday

So this morning we were talking about songs that help you through a Breakup.. Is it wrong that I have FULL CD's with very colorful names like, "I Wish you were Dead" cd? Or How bout, "Shut your mouth you stupid idiot" cd..all full of Songs that make me feel better about the breakup. I even make them for other people when they are going through a breakup because I feel like Music heals the soul..So if you need one, hit me up, and I'll pass one along to you.. I don't really like "Woe as me" breakup songs, I'm more of a "Put this in your pipe and Smoke it" kinda gal. I need anger. lol. Here's a couple of my favorites:

1) A Little Gasoline--Terri Clark

2) Good as I was to you--Lorrie Morgan

3) Shut up & Drive--Chely Wright

4) Two Pina Coladas--Garth Brooks

5) Kiss This--Aaron Tippin

6) A Little Past Little Rock--Leeann Womack

7) Friends in Low Places (The LIVE Version)--Garth Brooks

8) Never Mind Me--Big & Rich

9) She Doesn't Dance--Mark McGuinn

10) What I need to do--Kenny Chesney

11) Cold one Coming on--Montgomery Gentry

So there's a few of my favs.. We had a TON of call this morning with folks listing some GREAT songs..

I'm going to take Sawyer to a therapy visit today. I'm nervous about it because there will be other dogs there, and Sawyer has a hard time focusing on the actual people, because he just wants to play with the other dogs! He gets his feelings hurt if he can't go play with the other dogs.. Its just ridiculous..but he's got to learn, so I'm going to go ahead and take him. His cuteness is over whelming, so maybe he will have fun being all puffish for people.

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