Monday, November 16, 2009

Farm filled weekend..and Welcome to Winter!

Well we went to the farm this weekend.. The dog babes had to go to the Groomer, and mom wanted to make eggnog so we left on Friday. We had a fun trip, and I manged to get a little Christmas shopping done! The dog babes were at the groomer most of the day Saturday, so I had a little time to run around and pick up a few gifts. The groomer always does such a good job with them..They look like little fluff-puffins! Of course they were "smiling" because they really do know that command..Mom was laughing at them because they smile on Cue. They had a fun time playing with Mom's Dog Izzy..or I guess I should say Sawyer did..Izzy is too big to play with Miss Pays now, and Payslee gets sick of her so she just asks me to pick her up so they can't get I do. She's kindof a Princess anyway.

Saturday Mom made some eggnog. We have this secret, special, eggnog recipe that everyone just we made a big ol' batch to take to some friends. Then she made some homemade chicken and noodles and Payslee & Saw were very excited to have a little taste of that!! I also played mom's WII for the first time..HOW FUN! Although I didn't like it when I got on the WII fit and it let out a groan when I stepped on! WHAT! Then it makes you look all tubby.. lol.. Oh well..such is life..But I seriously don't need a video game to tell me I'm fat either! I hope Santa Clause is bringing me one though..its very fun to play..

Yesterday we went to look at some of our Show Calves that we raised. We have a Bull "Renegade" and two Heifers "Lydia" and "Lexus".. Lydia won Reserve GRand at the Kansas City Royal a couple of weeks ago (thats a big deal) and Renegade is going to show at the Denver Cattle Show.. Look how pretty they are!

They are all tied up in the Cooling room (A room with 3 air condidioners and 7 fans) until the Weather stays cold so they don't lose all that pretty hair..These are very pampered calves!!
Enjoy the Winter Weather!

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