Thursday, November 19, 2009

Woo hootie Meatball Magic

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Sorry I haven't written since Monday..Wanna know why? BECAUSE I'M LAME!! lol.. Sorry, but its true..My body has rebelled against the time stage and I find myself in bed by 8:00 or 8:30! Its ridiculous I know.. but after the dogs and I walk or rollerblade we come in, have dinner, and then I want to take my bath, and hit the hay! Speakin of..Last night when I headed to the bedroom I had left my back door open so the babes could play outside, and it got too cold in there I guess, because my memory foam was as hard as a BRICK! It took it awhile to 'thaw' out.. lol..

However, Yesterday I did make the Meatballs for the dogs. I needed some really, tasty dog treats to motivate them when we are training..So I took some hamburger meat from the farm, cheese, milk, & Fish oil, and baked them some magic meatballs..they LOVE them! So thats good..They are a bit messy for treating, but it motivates them. Right now we are learning: Say your prayers, weave, Bang your dead, Peek-a-boo, and they are both still jumping through the hoop, and going to their spot..Each day we just add a little more to their training stuff..They are both doing very well..Sawey has "Bang your dead" down, and he rolls over and throws his puffy feet in the air.. Pretty cute..

Tonight Payslee & I are going to the Fountains at Caterbury, an assisted living center for a therapy visit. I'm hoping her new "Fall Leaves" dress comes in so she can play in that. The little ladies love it when she is dressed up! Her Santa dress should be in this week too.

So People Magazine revealed their 'Sexiest man Alive' issue, and once again Johnny Depp won the title..I'm not sure I buy into that..I'm going with Matthew.McConaughey, but others who made the list: Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey, Jr., David Beckham, Glee's Corey Monteith, Matthew Morrison and Mark Salling, Adam Lambert and Robert Pattinson from Twilight. Where is my Delicious Otto? My Trace Adkins? My Gary Allan? All SNUBBED AGAIN! Have a great day!

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